2012 Dock Lease  

Lee’s Park

                        1466 RT 9P Saratoga Springs NY 12866       

Dock Slip Rental Agreement

  1. Lessee agrees that only reasonable and customary use will be made of the docks and facilities covered hereby and that no unnecessary wear and tear, disturbance, nuisance, rubbish or garbage will be permitted on the docks or premises, and that lessee will keep dock and covered premises free and clear of  tackle and other obstructions, and will deposit all rubbish and garbage in containers provided by the lesser, and further agrees to throw nothing in the water of the lake.

  2. Lesser will not be responsible for any injuries or property damage caused by or growing out of the use of said docks, lake, picnic area, parking area, or any other part of the facilities of the marina; the use of said facilities being entirely at the risk of the lessee as to theft, fire, vandalism, high or low water, and other so-called acts of god.

  3. Lesser does not carry insurance covering the property of the lessee, it being the responsibility of the lessee to adequately insure his/her property. Lesser shall take reasonable action to protect the property of the lessee, but acts only as the agent of the lessee.  If mechanical defect or act of god places the property of the lessee in danger of destruction or damage, the lesser shall be entitled to compensation of such action on behalf of the lessee.  Additional charges may be assessed if more then average labor is required to protect the lessee’s property.  Lesser is not responsible for damage brought about by an inadequate or non existent boat cover, or by a faulty or non existent automatic bilge pump.

  4. The lessee agrees to abide by the rules and regulations posted, or hereafter posted by the lesser for the safe operation of the docks and all other actions and conduct of the public.

  5. The lessee agrees to cover his/her boat with liability insurance while is docked at lessee's property

6. The lessee and there visitors are not initialed to attend any of the special events that may accrue during the summer. Although Venue operators my offer a discount ticket to members of lees park. This is up to them not us.  

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