Please, No Phone Calls!
Reservations never needed for tenting!

Checkout time is NOON



Confirmed Dates

other dates will be add as they are announced


Dixie Chicks --------------------------------- June 11th --$20.00 Gate/Person

Mumford & Sons ---------------------------- June 15th--$20.00 Gate/Person

Ded & Companey ------------------------- ---June 21st--$25.00 Gate/Person

Phish-----------------------------------July 1st-2nd &3rd--$25.00 Gate/Person

Journey and The Doobie Brothers ---------- July 5th--$25.00 Gate/Person

DMB ---------------------------- July 15th & July 16th--$25.00 Gate/Person

Josh Groban w/ Sarah McLachlan --------- July 25th--$20.00 Gate/Person

Luke Brgan-------------------------------------------July 31--$20.00 Gat/Person

Heart, Joan Jett, and Cheep Trick --------- Sept. 8th--$20.00 Gate/Person


All Camping Areas ARE OPEN

Camping  fee is $25.00 per  person per night

On-site parking space is limited.


Parking Stickers will be given out to car owner only


Only covers the area assigned to the pass .

Checkout time is NOON

Walk-in's are always welcome.

We are Trying to work out an area that can be used for RV's and campers.

These will be no hookup sights.

Sorry No RV's, Campers, Pop-Ups, Or Trailers  for Concert Camping.

For safety reasons, do not bring glass bottles into the park.

You will be asked to register all DOGS. You will need to provide rabies shot records (paper copy) from your Vet, and your dog must have an ID tag. 

Dogs must ALWAYS be on a leash and you must clean up after them.

Aggressive dogs will not be allowed admission and any dogs being aggressive during the event will be asked to leave with NO refund.

Checkout time is NOON

WE Will Have SHUTTLE BUSES for the DMB  shows.

Price for round trip will be $15.00 per rider.

(No alcohol or smoking will be allowed on the buses.)

Like us on the FB fan page for updated information


We are hoping to offer you the ability to combine sites, in order to accommodate larger groups and allow those groups to set up community camps. Those camps must maintain at least 5 feet buffer from other campers not in their own group.

Venders wishing to be placed on Shakedown street please

(FOOD VENDORS must have proper Health Department permits.)

The selling of alcoholic beverages WILL NOT be tolerated.

Confiscation of all alcohol, ejection from the campground and possible arrest will result from failure to comply.

For larger concert camping events, a shuttle to and from SPAC will be available.

Shuttle bus service is subject to availability and the size of event.

There will also be a designated area for taxi pickups. Taxis will NOT be allowed to drive through the park during tenting events. Taxis dropping off will be required to discharge all passengers without wristbands at the registration area rather than the taxi stand. If four people in a cab have wristbands and one does not, all five will be dropped off at the registration area.

Concert Camping is a TENTING event. We will not have any  sites available for Pop-Ups, Travel Trailers, RV's or pull behind trailers.

 there will be NO glass containers allowed into the Tent Camping Area.


Camping  fee is $25.00 per  person per night

Please be advised - persons arriving between midnight and 6:00AM will be charged for that full night's camping, therefore, check out time will still be 12 noon the same day.


We reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone with a dog which we feel may not interact in a safe manner with other guests.

Aggressive dogs will be ejected from park, along with their owners - no refund.


Checkout time is NOON



Anyone caught stealing a Parking Sticker WILL be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

You will see that this year, as in previous years, areas are ribboned off for parking.

There will be NO cars allowed beyond the edge of the road which will be marked with paint.

There will be parking stickers issued to the area you are camping at so that there should be no more major parking problems or blocking of the roads.

It is very important that our roads be left open. This is to ensure proper traffic flow as well as having unrestricted access for any emergency vehicles which may be required during event.


Checkout time is 12 noon



The rules haven't changed much this year - besides they are all mostly common sense.

Fires are for burning WOOD, any other items put in fires WILL result in the fire being put out and your group being EJECTED from the Park. (NO refunds.)


Wood for campfires is sold at the office!

Do NOT burn other wooden items found on the campground, such as picnic tables or bridges.

Speed limit is 5 MPH and will be enforced. If you speed around the park you WILL NOT be allowed to take your car any farther than the office area.

Speeding in the park will result in your parking permit being revoked and then parking in the general lot will be allowed after that. This will be by the entrance as you will not be allowed to drive through the park. This is for the safety of ALL campers, as we have families here with small children.

We must also ask that you DON'T SET OFF FIRE WORKS. This is danger to other campers and the last thing anyone wants is for someone to get hurt. It is also against NY law to do so. Anyone caught setting them off on the grounds WILL be ejected - NO Refund.






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